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allowing people to see confidence in a child

Confidence in the Martial Arts

There are four main reasons parents enroll their children in the Martial Arts.  They are: Discipline, Confidence, Fitness or Health, and Self Defense.  The number one reason by far is discipline.  Discipline actually is the path to success to all of these topics.  The topic of today’s discussion is Confidence.  Confidence comes in at number […]

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This Week’s Modified Schedule

This week we will be running on a modified schedule due to training and our instructors competing at National Championships in Orlando Florida.  We will be attending some training for enhancing our Leadership program.  We will fill you in on all the details when we return. Please note that we will be combining all classes […]

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Fitness Assessment Day

We will be having a ‘Fitness Assessment Day’ on Saturday October the 31st at 9:00 am at our Sycamore Dairy location.  All family members and students are welcome!  This assessment will give us a starting point to evaluate our monthly progress.  The measurements will consist of  a resting heart rate, Active Heart Rate, Recovery Heart […]

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