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Confidence in the Martial Arts

There are four main reasons parents enroll their children in the Martial Arts.  They are: Discipline, Confidence, Fitness or Health, and Self Defense.  The number one reason by far is discipline.  Discipline actually is the path to success to all of these topics.  The topic of today’s discussion is Confidence.  Confidence comes in at number two of parents top goals for their children.

karate kids thumbs up
“Yes I can!”


Directly relational to Confidence is Competence.  This very concept is seen in the article The Four Cornerstones of High Self-Confiden.. . It stands to reason when you are good at something you not only enjoy doing it but you also will have a certain confidence when you do that activity.  With this being true, it would also be true to say that when your skill level increases your confidence with will increase with direct proportion to the skill level.  The trick is to let this confidence in one area spread to other areas of your life.

Martial Arts is a great way to teach confidence. Through the imagination of a child, when they put on their uniform, they think about all the strong models they have seen through media and in their mind’s eye, they are that superhero!

Through positive reinforcement and good instruction, a martial arts instructor can see profound increases in their students confidence in school, sports and all areas of a child’s life.

Courage Gained Through Goal Setting

The martial arts system of Taekwondo as practiced at Leadership Martial Arts & Krav Maga uses goal setting as a means of a student advancing in their Courage. We use goal setting in all of our programs.  The use of belts and stripes as incentives is nothing new. However, if properly administered in a well thought out system, Students thrive! You can weekly watch their self esteem grow!

About the Author

Michael Brown is a eighth degree black belt in Taekwondo. He has been serving his community in self defense training for over 30 years. Michael enjoys working with Military, law enforcement and civilians.  Master Brown is also a certified instructor under both Krav Maga Worldwide and Warrior Krav Maga . Michael is a two time world champion in sparring and a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps. He is also a firearm safety expert. Michael trains individuals in both concealed and carry techniques and in handgun safety. He is aligned with Go2firearmsafety and is continually sharpening his skills with them. He enjoys teaching alongside his wife Kimberly and son Michael. They have a goal to help you to become combat ready. Teaching you skills that will enable you to be the ‘First Responder’ for your family.

Leadership Martial Arts & Krav Maga serves the communities of: Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Spring Lake and Linden NC

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