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Picnic Saturday / No Classes

Picnic Saturday! Come and join us!
Picnic Saturday! Come and join us!

We hope everyone will come and join us for our picnic this Saturday at Smith Lake.  The time will be from 10:00 am to 3:00. ATA will be prividing the meat.  Please bring a side (enough for your family plus one) and a drink.  We will be having family fun and games the whole day.  Senior Master Michael Brown will also be leading everyone in a Jahng Bahng class.  Please bring your wooden Jahng Bahngs (not competition  ones!)  We will have Basketball, tug of war, frisbee and horseshoes just to name a few. The whole family is welcome! The weather could be a little inclement but we have a large shelter and will have fun regardless.

For best directions, click this link and see all the amenities   Smith Lake . We hope to see you all there