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Get A Move On!

Self Defense Tip #3

Mobility, one of the most important concepts in self defense. First of all, when considering your safety, you always have to keep in mind your mobility. Anything that limits your ability to avoid a strike or a compromising situation is a “Bad” thing. (more…)

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Firearm Safety And Dry Fire Training

Firearm Safety & Self Defense Training  June 17th, 6:00pm to 9:00pm Call us at 910-860-5425 to register today Getting Started, a Refresh or Want To Improve Your Skill Set? We believe safety is #1 and we want you to feel confident with handling and shooting a firearm in a safe and confident manner.  (more…)

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This Week’s Modified Schedule

This week we will be running on a modified schedule due to training and our instructors competing at National Championships in Orlando Florida.  We will be attending some training for enhancing our Leadership program.  We will fill you in on all the details when we return. Please note that we will be combining all classes […]

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