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Campus Safety Tips

Predators use innocence and distraction to victimize women.
Predators use innocence and distraction to victimize women.

Campus Safety- Is a real concern. Many predators target a school campus because they know that many students are unprepared to avoid conflict or to recognize the signs that indicate a dangerous situation. Review these tips and make yourself a safer person.

What is High Risk Behavior?

Master Brown knows that to stay safe, you must avoid high risk behavior. These are situaions that put you at risk of being targeted as a victom by a predator. By altering your actions and/or avoiding High Risk Behavior altogether you make yourself a much safer person. ATA Leadership Martial Arts wants you and the people you care about to live a ‘Threat Free’ life!

Examples of High Risk Behavior:

  • Illegal drug use Prescription drug abuse
  • Promiscuous behavior (or something perceived to be promiscuous)
  • Drunkenness
  • Running at night
  • Walking and/or Running in isolated areas
  • Walking and/or Running with ear phones

General Campus Safety Tips

  1. Be aware of your surroundings, including people
  2. visualize potential exit routes from an event or location in case of ER.
  3. Know safe and direct routes to campus destinations.
  4. Try not to walk alone after dark. If you do, try to utilize well-lit and populated routes on campus.
  5. Keep emergency numbers in cell phone or by your landline phone, including that of your RA, campus safety, and health services.
  6. Trust your instincts, especially when you feel that something is “not right.”
  7. Be aware of what you post on the internet, especially online social networks like Facebook and Myspace. You can never be sure of who is viewing your personal information or pictures, stalkers, employers, recruiters, family.
  8. Do not prop open campus building doors, especially residential buildings. Remove props and report the problem to an RA or campus safety.
  9. Do not accept drinks from strangers as they could be easily contaminated with a drug.
  10. Try to avoid being alone in areas of campus that can often be empty or isolated such as basement laundry rooms, study lounges, etc.
  11. If you notice another person in danger, follow your school’s safety and security procedures and call 911. Do not engage another person who has a weapon or involve yourself in a fight.
  12. Always report suspicious behavior to security.
  13. Always have a fully charged cell phone on you.
  14. Park in lighted areas. Be aware that you it may be dark when you leave
  15. Use the ‘Buddy’ system when going about the campus at night.

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Michael Brown is a seventh degree black belt and Senior Master Instructor in Taekwondo and a certified instructor in Krav Maga for over 15 years. He is a two time world champion in sparring and a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps.  He is a fire arms saftey expert and also trains individuals in concealed and carry tactics.  Master Brown has been working with families and training people in personal defense in North Carolina for 24 years. He and his wife, Master Kimberly Brown love working with military personnel, law enforcement and civilians to become combat ready and helping them develop skills that will enable them to be the ‘First Responders’ for their families.

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