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Self Defense Tip #3

Mobility, one of the most important concepts in self defense.

Get A Move On!

First of all, when considering your safety, you always have to keep in mind your mobility. Anything that limits your ability to avoid a strike or a compromising situation is a “Bad” thing. Two examples would be: Your tank is on empty and now you have to pull into the next gas station, but it looks like a seedy area with several loitering men around the business. Second, You fall to the ground while defending yourself and even though you seem to be getting the upper hand of your opponent, a second person starts attacking you.

Reality based self defense always keeps this in mind. Leadership Krav Maga prepares you for the worst case scenario. So, if you start with the safe assumption that an attacker will be bigger and stronger than you. That he is armed. That he is under the influence. That there are multiple opponentes, you realize quickly that moving around is a really good idea.  Because the smaller person has to avoid being hit and has to move in such a way that their punches and kicks cause damage.  Therefore the only answer is to move those feet, weave and bob yourself till the attacker is down or you can exit the area.

Mobility affords you safety while the lack of it puts you at risk. That simple. Here is another article on women’s self defense that you might find interesting.
Have a great day people.  I will see you on the mats, stay safe.

Michael Brown is a seventh degree black belt and Senior Master Instructor of Taekwondo.  For over 16 hears he has been serving his communities as a certified instructor of Krav Maga. He is a two time world champion in sparring and a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps.  As a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a firearm safety expert, Mr. Brown trains individuals in consealed and carry techniques.  Michael Brown has been working with families and training people in self defense in North Carolina for over 27 years. He and his wife,  Kimberly Brown love working with military personnel, law enforcement and civilians to become combat ready and helping them develop skills that will enable them to be the ‘First Responders’ for their families.