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Training for Real Life Situations


Women learn martial arts for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is self defense. If you want to learn a martial art for protecting yourself, then there are a number of choices for you. Keep in mind that each martial art style incorporates its own characteristic techniques, which is applicable to self defense in the real world. However, when it comes to deciding the answer to the question of being the best, then it depends on the situation and your preferences.

If you want to learn martial arts for defending yourself in real world situations, you can consider a few martial arts styles for learning.


Kickboxing has its own versions of kicks and punches applicable to self defense. You have to execute them whenever you see an opening with regard to your attacker. The movements are quick, excellently aimed and distracting to your opponent.


This martial art for women does not include any kind of weapons in its attack repertoire. You are required to use your legs and hands as the principal forms of defense. Karate is believed to be the most effective when it comes to beating off real world attackers.


The aim of judo is to use the strength of your opponent against him. It is natural that those who practice judo must not be of overpowering strength themselves. Locks and chokes are a characteristic of judo.


Akido teaches you to use the assailant’s energy and strength against himself. A strange thing about this style is that its followers are expected to show consideration for the attacker. The aim of an Akido proponent is to disarm attackers and not wound them.

Other than the above mainstream martial arts for women, there are many others kinds, like the Israeli invented and practiced Krav Maga. It is exclusively a lethal art as you will be taught to lethally subdue your attacker.



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