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Stretching in Martial Arts

Achieving flexibility is an important part of any fitness regime. We need to develop the body’s ability to flex because flexibility plays a key role in our daily life. Even the most simplest of tasks require our bodies to be flexible. For instance, if you had to lift a box or a sack of potatoes, you will need flexibility. Strength alone isn’t enough. Without flexibility, our bodies become rigid and even small tasks can seem hard and become painful. Which leads us to the benefits of stretching.

Stretching In Martial ArtsThere are several workouts out there that can help you with gaining greater flexibility, but one of the beat techniques to get flexible comes from learning martial art stretching exercises. Martial arts teaches your body to relax and trains every muscle in the body, resulting in great overall flexibility.

Here are some martial arts stretching techniques that you can incorporate into your daily fitness routine:

The V Stretch

This stretching technique is done by sitting on the ground and stretching your legs to the maximum limit. Now, touch the right left knee with your head by bending forward and repeat the same for the right knee. Then finally, touch the ground with your head. Keep repeating this process 12 times per session.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Muscles such as the hip flexor are often neglected that’s why it’s important to stretch it. Keep in mind that this exercise also cuts the risk of injury from strenuous exercise and lessens muscle soreness.

Adduction (adductor muscles) or Inner Thigh Stretch

Our muscles do not work alone when we perform certain exercises. Our adductor muscles are working simultaneously with others while doing squats, leg presses, or lunges. Make sure that your adductor muscles are in their good condition every time you perform stretching activities.

Simple martial arts stretching exercises such as these can go a long way in making your body flexible. Sooner or later, you will definitely notice a difference in your agility and overall ability.

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