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Self Defense for Kids

Learning the art of self-defense is important for every individual, especially kids who may become easy targets to violence or bullying. Your child need not be an expert in self-defense techniques, but making him/her learn at least the basics will keep him/her safe and give you peace of mind. Martial arts for kids are an important aspect of self-defense. Children can take up classes like karate, taekwondo, kung fu and jujitsu to stay protected when they sense danger. Another advantage of encouraging your kids to take up self-defense classes early on is that they can learn the art quickly and perfect it over time.

self defense kidsKarate for self-defense

Karate is a Japanese system of self-defense, which is among the most popular types of martial arts. The unarmed- combat art involves extensive use of quick movements including striking, defending, blocking and kicking. A karate fighter’s level of expertise is determined by the belt awarded to him/her – white belt is beginner level while black belt refers to the person having mastered the art.


The Korean martial art relies on a lot of punches and kicks. Apart from physical movements, Taekwondo also stresses on the importance of meditation and breathing techniques. So the self-defense art not just teaches kids to defend themselves, but also improves their concentration power. Like karate, the proficiency of a taekwondo student is also determined by the color of belt worn by him – white implying beginner level trainer and black being an expert.

Kung fu

Kung fu is a Chinese martial art, with strategic use of kicks and punches (on certain pressure points of the body) to injure the opponent. Apart from helping kids in staying safe, it also works as an aerobic routine as it includes several quick movements.

While teaching martial art techniques to kids, parents and instructors must take care to ensure that kids use them solely to protect themselves when in danger. Martial art techniques for kids should not be used to initiate unnecessary fights.



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