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Active Shooter / Weapon Disarming / C&C Class

Be Your Family's First Responder
Be Your Family’s First Responder

On the 4th of March ATA Leadership Krav Maga will be hosting an Active Shooter course.  Our country has regretably had too many incidence of this kind.  The Realistic Self Defense course offered by ATA Martial Arts is unique in that we give you the training to resist and overcome an attacker if no retreat is possible.  This traing will entail long gun and handgun disarming / 4 Principles of Gun Defense and the tactical considerations that occur during an active shooter event.  We will also explore the defense parameters when using your personal carry.

M4 Carbine
M4 Carbine

On the 5th of March we will go to the range with Armed Citizen Solutions for Practical Pistol Training and to qualify for a Concealed and Carry License.  Master Michael Brown and his staff at Leadership Krav Maga support and believe in the right not only to defend oneself in Hand to Hand Combat but also in the 2nd Ammendment right to arm oneself.  Carrying legaly and proficiently is the key.  Saturday will include an 8 hour training course at a local gun range. The goal of this class is to develop speed and accuracy with your own personal defensive handgun. We will take marksmanship from the ground up starting with the basics. (safety, stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control,  trigger squeeze, recoil management and follow through.) We will also cover gun handling procedures. (the draw, magazine changes, immediate action drills, and one handed operation of you weapon.) We will develop those basic skills and apply them to multiple shots, and multiple targets.  We will progress to shooting while moving and shooting while under stress. We will then shoot several very challenging scenarios for score.  This training combined with a NC Concealed and Carry license will keep you from ever being a soft target.

The training on Concealed and Carry / Weapon Disarming and the tactical considerations during an Active Shooter event will help you face the danger that is all to pervasive in our society.  The goal is to enpower you with the skills and knowledge to overcome this very real threat. We look forward to help you exersise your 2nd ammendment rights safely and effectively.

Michael Brown is a seventh degree black belt and Senior Master in Taekwondo and a certified instructor in both Krav Maga Worldwide and Warrior Krav Maga. He is a two time world champion in sparring and a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps. He has also obtained the ranking of Pistol Epert in the USMC pistol qualificaitons. Master Brown has been working with families and training people in personal defense in North Carolina for 25 years. He and his wife, Master Kimberly Brown love working with military personnel, law enforcement and civilians to become combat ready and helping them develop skills that will enable them to be the ‘First Responders’ for their families.