Active Shooter / Weapon Disarming / C&C Class

On the 4th of March ATA Leadership Krav Maga will be hosting an Active Shooter course.  Our country has regretably had too many incidence of this kind.  The Realistic Self Defense course offered by ATA Martial Arts is unique in that we give you the training to resist and overcome an attacker if no retreat […]

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Stretching in Martial Arts

Achieving flexibility is an important part of any fitness regime. We need to develop the body’s ability to flex because flexibility plays a key role in our daily life. Even the most simplest of tasks require our bodies to be flexible. For instance, if you had to lift a box or a sack of potatoes, […]

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New Year’s Eve Schedule 2015

Happy New Year!  I trust everyone had a Merry Christmas.  We look forward to seeing everyone in class today.  The regular schedule will be followed this week except for New Year’s Eve.  I have that schedule posted above.  

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