Self Defense for Kids

Learning the art of self-defense is important for every individual, especially kids who may become easy targets to violence or bullying. Your child need not be an expert in self-defense techniques, but making him/her learn at least the basics will keep him/her safe and give you peace of mind. Martial arts for kids are an […]

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Leadership Skills

Martial arts training for women can deliver great leadership skills. It teaches all that an ideal leader should have: discipline, courtesy, respect, and honor. The setting of goals is important in both. The best part about leadership skills that it is possible to acquire them even if you are not born with them. Martial arts […]

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Firearm Safety And Dry Fire Training

Firearm Safety & Self Defense Training  June 17th, 6:00pm to 9:00pm Call us at 910-860-5425 to register today Getting Started, a Refresh or Want To Improve Your Skill Set? We believe safety is #1 and we want you to feel confident with handling and shooting a firearm in a safe and confident manner. 

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No Classes Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend

Just a couple of things, a reminder that starting on Monday, informal uniforms may be worn during all of our classes.    Also here is some information about Memorial Day.  Please take a little time and talk to your families about the meaning of this day.  “All gave some, some gave all.”

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