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Avoidance / Self Defense Tip #5

Avoidance Awareness, avoidance and good decision making are key to your safety. Most self defense scenarios could be prevented with just a heightened sense of awareness. Therefore avoidance will always be the key to your successful self defense plan. Seeing a situation develop is necessary if you want to avoid it.  (more…)

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Weapons Self Defense

Self Defense Tip #4- Weapons

Weapons Use an equalizer! Weapons are a great way for a smaller person to even the odds in an attack. Rather than being a victim, use a weapon! In Self Defense, you have to operate on the assumption that your attacker will always be bigger and stronger than you. With that in mind, nothing evens […]

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Get A Move On!

Self Defense Tip #3

Mobility, one of the most important concepts in self defense. First of all, when considering your safety, you always have to keep in mind your mobility. Anything that limits your ability to avoid a strike or a compromising situation is a “Bad” thing. (more…)

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The Eyes Have It!

Self Defense Tip #2

Eye contact or the lack of it, what does that say about you? Self Defense depends alot on what you convey in your body language and eye contact. I teach all my students and young people I come into contact with over the years to look people in the eye.  When you shake hands or […]

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